Matthias Yzebaert
(Belgium - Ghent - °1983)


MA Fine Arts
2012-2013, Luca, Ghent, Belgium.

BA Mixed Media
2010-2012, Luca, Ghent, Belgium

BA Graphic & Publicity Design
2004-2007, Sint Lucas, Ghent, Belgium

Solo / Duo


45” Video Screening / Album release “The Gift Of Surrender” by Club Mayz, February,
In De Ruimte, Ghent, BE.


Residence & Happening "Glitch", May / June, Kunstenlab, Bruges.
> Collaboration, with Lieselotte Van Daele

"Current Events Organisation", March 17, Portier, Luca Gent.
> Collaboration, with Ewout De Cat


"Society of Copy", "GOMA" & "Digital Collage". Sept - Oct, Tique, Antwerp.
> Duo, with Dries Segers


"Digital Collage" & "Tiles". Liquid, 14 Nov '15 - 06 Jan '16, Gallery Plagiarama, Brussels. > Duo, with Jura Shust

"Aesthetics Of Void", 25 March 2015 - Part of TumultInGent#3, Cirque - KASK, Ghent.


"Garden of Multiple Appearances" (Mixed Media) 14-17 August, TTTT, Ghent.
> Collaboration with Egon Van Herreweghe.

"Assimile" (Installation / Performance). 30 Jan - 27 Feb, Gallery Plagiarama, Brussels. > Duo, with Marco De Sanctis


"B.L.C.K.+", Interior. Rewind Store Men, Ghent.

"Ex Post Facto", 21/22/23 June 2013, These Things Take Time, Ghent.


"Oh No! Another Expo!", 10 August 2012, These Things Take Time, Ghent.

"TTTT", 15 June 2012, These Things Take Time, Ghent.

"Don't Just Stand There, Do Something!", 1/2 January 2012, Galery S. & H. De Buck, Ghent.


"With The Best Intentions", 9 June 2011, Witte Zaal, St. Lucas, Ghent


"Op Art", Interior, Sirena Bar, Ghent.



The Gift Of Surrender, Album Exhibition, Barbé-Urbain, June, Ghent, BE.
With Corbin Mahieu, Alexander Deprez, Yonas Seyoum and Eline Verstegen.

A collection of old paintings, Image Shelter Zero Killed, HAPPENING 20 jaar S.M.A.K., April, Ghent. BE.

”Write That Down”, The Existential Questionnaire by Clubhuis / Tumult In Gent 7, de Krook, May, Ghent, BE.

”Dependent” “We Have Idea’s And Each Other” + Visuals. Club Mayz performance. Moving Word, April, OFFoff, Ghent, BE.

A collection of old paintings, On (déca)de/ans/ce, Image Shelter Zero Killed, April, Chinastraat, Ghent. BE.

Performance / Screening “3 Songs and Video”, January, Opening Kunsthal Ghent, BE.
> Collaboration with Yonas Seyoum


"Glitch (Video Loop)”, Eutopia, June, Academie Brugge, BE


”Digital Collage”, The Sky Seemed Not A Sky,, curated by Eline Verstegen.


"Skying", Render Time, 11-13 Dec. In De Ruimte, Ghent.

"You Are Nothing But A Relic From A Deleted Timeline" & "Electronic Narcosis (v2+)", S*W*I*M, 2-4 Okt. In De Ruimte, Ghent.

"Curtain", "Electronic Narcosis (v2)", "Tiles", "Made In China (SOC v1)", APPROPOLIS, 13-16 Aug. TTTT, Ghent.

"Tiles" (installation), Artenova, 1-5 July. D.Art, Mechelen.

"The VOID Tape" (Installation), 1983, 22 May. De Ruimte, Ghent.

"Sculpture & Drawing", CLUBHUIS, 20-24 April. NVT Gallery, Ghent.

"Self portrait" (DSCN1973), (Oil paint pixel printed Xpozer). Portables, 18-26 April. Gallery Vijvenvijftig, Amsteram. NL


"Electronic Narcosis" (7" LCD). Social Club. 4-7 Dec. Designmuseum, Ghent.

"Distribute Horizontal Centers" (Photo Displays). Social Club. 4-7 Dec. Vismijn. Ghent.

"Douchegordijn" (Acceptance & Refusal)(Object & Video). I Can Live In A Living Room. 4-7 Dec. Zwart Wild. Ghent.

"Glass" (Objects). Tumult in Kerk. 15 November, Kerk, Ghent.

Residency (Performance). CLUBHUIS. 20-27 July, Mastouche, Ghent.

"New-Understanding" (Drawing). Ilya Prigogine In Kleur. 21-25 July, Ham 145, Ghent.

Mini residency & "Club Mayz" (Performance). The Cosmic Cesspit (Two Day Happening / Mont Saint Eugene), 19-20 July, Höngg, Zürich. CH

"Society Of Copy" (Images) + Club Mayz (Performance). Liberty Inviting Artists..., 25/04 - 04/05, Netwerk, Aalst.

“Untitled” (Paintings). Give & Take, Black Tape Edition, 10th March, TTTT, Ghent.

"X+X" (Paintings / Installation). 14 February, "Smxxxch", Ghent.


"Club Mayz" (Performance). 5 December, W139, Amsterdam. NL.

"The Grid Is Mine (And Yours / Residue)" (Drawing / Installation). 8-9 November, W139, Amsterdam. NL.

"Shadow Play" (Mixed Media). 3x3, 8-9 November, Blauwhuys, Ghent.

"Hidden Yet Shown (Pt.2)" (Installation). Ask A Luck, 24-27 October, Lindelei, Ghent.

"The Grid Is Mine (Residue)" (Drawing). Tumult.FM Extra Time, 4/5/6 October. S.M.A.K, Ghent.

"Two Faced False Wall" (Installation). Bit Map, 2/3/4 May, Ghent.

"Untitled" (Paintings). It's A Give And Take. 20th March. These Things Take Time, Ghent.

"White On White" (Video Projection). I Think This Too Shall Pass (Curated By Laura Herman), 15/16/17 February, These Things Take Time, Ghent.


"Hidden Yet Shown" (Installation). Kunst Traum Achtung / Gentse Kunstweek, 30 November / 4 December, Ghent.

"Untitled" (Paintings / Installation). A Line Has Two Sides, 18 May, Huset, Ghent.

"Untitled" (Paintings). TANK (Curated By Maze), 21 September, Entrepot, Brugge.

"Cambodja Saved My Life" (Painting) & "Moiré" (Photo), 14/15/16 September, These Things Take Time, Ghent.


"6" (Painting). Beautiful Losers - Gallery shop, Ghent.

"X Mass Tree" (Photo Collage). Kerst (Is A) Mess, 23 December, Dok, Ghent.


"Cut" (Interactive Painting). Ikonoklast Expo, Antwerp.

"Untitled" (Painting on found object). The Future is (now)Ours! (Espace Ladda), 15, 16, 17 October, Antwerp.


"I Did My Time" (Installation). Time Is A Book (Espace Ladda), 13 November, 'De Snoepwinkel' Vooruit, Ghent.

"Membership triptych" (Cardboard / Mika). Membership (Espace Ladda), 22/30 March. 'De Snoepwinkel' Vooruit, Ghent.

Publications / Brochures / etc ...

D!ng Magazine - Nr 17. Online art magazine by Jolien Dirix, 2015

Liberty Inviting Artists To Take Part as a book. Published by Mixed Media, Luca. 2015

Haute Couture For Thinking. In collaboration with Egon Van Herreweghe. Self published. 2014

Ilya Prigogine in Kleur. Published by Thierry Mortier & Topo Copy. 2014

I Think This Too Shall Pass. Published by Laura Herma, TTTT. 2013


Matthias was once also the founder & a curator of the Ghent based art space These Things Take Time in collaboration with Godart Bakkers, Charlotte Van Buylaere and Laura Herman.